The Right Values for the Cloud Computing

Cloud is an almost magical term that is increasingly inflected in small and large businesses around the world. The main reason why companies are gradually moving to cloud solutions is the inflexibility and rising cost of using in-house information technology. Based on our business needs and many years of experience in the field, we have decided to enable the implementation of cloud solutions into your company through our services. Currently, we offer you two solutions whose benefits will be appreciated especially by small and medium-sized companies. These are Microsoft Office 365 and Google apps for business. But what are actually a cloud and what terms are related to it? Now what is cloud computing?

What a cloud is

Definitions of explaining what a cloud is will find you a lot. Most of them, however, are inaccurate or unspoken. In fact, it is nothing more than a modern way of dealing with information technology in your case corporate, based on shared storage running on physical data centers with an emphasis on security and reliable availability. In this case, you rent the space you need, for which you also pay an adequate amount – cloud solutions allow you to dynamically change storage utilization rates as needed.

Example: E-shop has a high access growth before Christmas. In the case of normal hosting, the server could be overloaded and crashed because you are not able to respond flexibly to rapid traffic growth. Cloud solutions will enable operational short-term capacity increase and website maintenance. Cloud storage is a type of data storage that you rent from your provider. Fees are charged for the use of data space.

What is cloud computing?

The first mention of cloud computing is in dates back to 1961 from the American computer scientist John McCarty. Since then, the whole idea has undergone considerable development until today, when cloud computing is understood as a concrete way of using IT. This consists in providing computer technology in the form of services or programs on Internet servers you are not the owner but the tenant. You can choose from several types of cloud computing or cloud solutions. Cloud computing today allows four different solutions, which differ primarily in the way they, share and position data centers.

Sometimes it is also considered a classic cloud computing, which has been available since 1997. It is a solution designed for use by the general public. It works without having to own a physical server structure that is in the hands of providers in the case of a public cloud. The disadvantage is less ability to adapt to the specific requirements of individual entities as they are solutions to meet the needs of the majority.

Conclusion: Private cloud

It is a cloud solution created, owned and used by a particular organization. Its infrastructure is private, which means that it is not shared among other actors. The computing infrastructure can be deployed inside and outside the organization, and access is again possible via both the Internet and Ethernet. Most of them are technologically demanding solutions with high input costs, which are suitable for larger companies. Such a cloud is created and shared by several actors involved not only in its use, but also in management and cost. It is based on the idea of sharing IT across organizations with similar or identical cloud requirements.