The Increasing Popularity of the Game of Thrones

On the occasion of the release of the last season of Game of Thrones, the ideal price comparator conducted a study showing the popularity of the saga on the internet. Favorite characters, popular products, this study reveals everything about the interest of the fans for the series that will have definitely outweighed its passage. DVDs and Blu-rays are thus the most requested by-products on the internet (55.4%). Fans obviously prefer to own the series in its physical form rather than viewing it on streaming sites, or via specialty channels like OCS. The latter has also missed the launch of Game of Thrones in this country. However, you need to know what time does game of thrones air?

DVDs, Blu-rays and board games are very popular

After the physical supports come the board games. The most popular are Risk, a strategy game and Monopoly, a management game (31%). In third place, you find the figurines of the brand Pop with 8 %. Then video games from the Telltale Games studio and collectible cards for less than 2% of Internet searches. Regarding the favorite characters of the fans, Ned’s son, Robb Stark, comes in first place alongside the Mother of the Dragons. Jon Snow, aka King of the North and Sansa Stark follow them closely. In the study, you find unsurprisingly Queen Regent, CerseiLannister in fifth and last position. The popularity of the series has grown steadily since the launch of the first season in April 2011. Two years after the first broadcast in the US, the Canal + and D8 channels have decided to pass the series, which has made known to the general public.

Robb Stark voted favorite character of fans

Tonight begins season 7 of Game of Thrones, the HBO phenomenon series. On the occasion of this summer event, ideal, a price comparator chose to be interested in the popularity on the internet of the fantastic series drawn from the work of Georges RR Martin. What are the most sought after derivatives on the web? Which are the favorite characters of the Net surfers according to the figurines sold? What is the most popular season based on research and sales of DVD and Blu-ray?

This is the first lesson of this study: DVDs and Blu-rays are the most popular products of Game of Thrones on the internet and in a large part (55.4%). At a time when streaming and video on demand platforms are multiplying and raise many legal questions, it turns out that fans of the HBO series obviously prefer to have the series in its physical version for viewing with or without an internet connection.


In second place come the board games dedicated to the universe of the series, in particular Risk and Monopoly, with more than 31% of requests. The podium is completed with the figures, especially those of Funko Pop brands and Dark Horse Comics, with over 8% of searches on the web. Far behind are video games, most notably the Telltale Games series released in 2014, with less than 2% of requests, and collectible cards with just over 1% of searches. But Idealo also wanted to be interested in the most popular characters among fans of the series according to the demand for figurines on the internet.